We would like to share pictures of our kittens that have gone to their forever families. We are truly blessed to be part of their journey.

More to come...

A big thank you to Andrea O'Connor for showing Windy Valley's Play Boldly To Win (Arnie) and getting a Regional Win on him for the 2013-2014 show season. It has been a great pleasure to watch her show Arnie so beautifully. Best of Luck Andrea and Arnie.

We are excited to announce that Marlene H. notified us that her handsome Harry, one of Windy Valley's persians did a photo shoot for Cat Fancy and has been featured in an article on the Cat Channel. Thank you Marlene H. for sharing with us!

Click here to see Harry featured on www.catchannel.com

We want to be able to share with you how playful and sweet our kittens are, so we made a short video and now you can see them in action. These kittens are enjoying life with their new families.

Click on movie to pause, double-click to restart the movie.

We are excited to announce that 4 of our sweet kittens were chosen to star in a Hardee's restaurant commercial. Here are the adorable yet modest stars...

This charming handsome black and white male was born on March 20, 2011 to Windy Valley's Cinnamon Twist Delight and CH La Ciara El Shaddai of Windy Valley.

The gorgeous cream tabby male, beautiful tortie female and unbelievably stunning black smoke female pictured below were born on March 22, 2011. Their proud parents are Joleigh's Foxy Roxy of Windy Valley and CH Diehl's Apparition of Windy Valley.


Cream Tabby Male

Tortie Female




Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is our Mantle male Great Dane and we just adore him.



Here are pictures of our four beautiful daughters at a gymanstics meet. We are so very proud of them.










Kelley, Robert and CH Nelson

CH Nelson is my first extremely handsome retired male and was the first male to join my breeding program. He is very happy with us and we are blessed to have him.


My family and home are truly gifts from God. My husband Robert has a business in San Diego (Pacific Coast Commercial). He commutes daily on the long crowded highways so my daughters and I can live in Murrieta. Our four daughters do gymnastics, which they love and excel at. All of our girls are on the SCEGA gymnastics team, a private gymnastics club in Temecula. We moved to Murrieta so the girls and I would not have to commute for gymnastics. My daughter Kyra is a level 10 gymnast, Tessa, Jenna and Krista are level 8. As you can imagine, we are very proud of all of them. When they are not in school or gym they help me with the cats. They love to attend Cat Shows and are a lot of help. As for me, I stay at home, commute kids to and from school and gym, take care of my cats and family. I am thankful I can be home for my kids and my cats, oh and my husband. As I said, " I am truly blessed" and thank God for his graciousness.


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