We would like to dedicate this page to all the wonderful people that have adopted one of our kittens and welcomed them as an important member of their family. Here are some of the beautiful letters we have received...


Hiya Kelley~ ! 2017 has been such an exciting year. My home has been filled with so much happiness because of two new furballs, Princess Peach and Beignet! Peaches is my sweet, sweet baby girl. She’s a bit clumsy and runs like a kitten lol. Watching her attack feathers and little mice is the CUTEST thing. She’s quiet, soft-spoken, and a perfect little angel. Her powdery blue fur is as soft as her personality. People who pet her for the first time always comment that she feels so soft! Beignet, my little bear, is on my lap as I type this. He is a studly 16v purring machine. Along with a robust purr, he also has quite a commanding voice. This boy knows what he wants and all he wants is love. His favorite bed is my keyboard or head. Peaches and Beignet have the best temperaments out of all the cats I’ve owned. They make such good pets and are so adorable. These kitties just complete me. They warm my heart and feet daily! Thank you for your amazing work and dedication to the breed. Happy new year in advance to you and your family! <33 Love, Konny

Dear Konny, Thank you so much for letting us know how well Princess Peach and Beignet are doing. She is quite beautiful and he is very handsome in their holiday outfits! It is heartwarming for us to hear they are filling your home with happiness. Thank you for sharing with us.


Hi Kelley, Happy Friday, hope you’re doing well! Just wanted to give you a quick update on Francis. He is truly just what I needed and has done so much to heal my heart. He is so sweet and gentle, and unbelievably social. The most surprising thing is how much he loves the baby—he is always with her. I feel so lucky to have him, he’s such a great part of the family already. Thank you again for making it possible, I am so grateful to you. -Erin

Dear Erin, We truly appreciate you taking the time to let us know how Francis is doing. We are very happy to hear how he has made a difference in your life. Seeing him with the baby is absolutley heart warming and we are thrilled to hear that he loves her and can see she is adorable as well.


Hi Kelley, we love our kitty Lucious. He has been such a blessing to us. Thank you. I'm attaching some photos for you. - Ashley

Dear Ashley, Thank you very much for sharing how special Lucious is to you and your family. We have said it before, it truly warms our heart to know how he is doing. Lucious is incredibly handsome and is obviously well loved!


Hi Kelley. Today is our Rudy's first birthday. We can't thank you enough for letting us have this wonderful boy! Not a day goes by without his making Jim and me laugh. He's had a healthy, happy year. As you can see, we keep him in a "puppy cut". Unlike his predecessor, he actually likes the buzzer and we haven't had to deal with any mats. He's playful and sweet natured to everyone--including his beagle cousin who is visiting right now. We think he's a perfect kitty. Thanks again. S.

Dear Susan, He is just adorable and looks so happy. The puppy cut suits him. Happy Birthday Rudy! It's wonderful to know how great Rudy is doing there in San Clemente, CA. As always, it warms our hearts to know that you and Jim are enjoying him. Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi Kelley, Just wanted you to know...Seamus and Siegfried are still going strong. I'm taking care of my Mom in her last days. My children are 11, 13, and 15. How are you and your family? Seamus is like a watchdog...Siegfried is very healing. He keeps vigil outside my Mom's room. Just wanted you to know, the work you do is awesome. Thank you. Frances J.

Siegfried (left) and
Seamus (right)

Dear Frances, We are so glad that Seamus and Siegfried can help during this very difficult time for you and your family. It sounds like they have personality traits that were meant to be. It is nice to see they are very loved and incredibly handsome indeed.


Kelley, Hope that you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving! Wanted you to know that Reddington has fit in quite well with Jackson and Ellery at our home. Thanks for making him available for us and we love him so much! Thanks and Happy Holidays to you and your family. Nina and Pete

Dear Nina and Pete, We are so happy to hear Reddington is doing well and has fit in so well with the other members of your family. It warms our heart to know he is bringing happiness to you and that he is so loved. Thank you very much for letting us know.


Hi Kelley, I thought I'd just let you know how wonderfully Casper has adjusted to our family. He's an angel! Loves to cuddle with everyone including our girls. Thank you for the fantastic kitty :) We will definitely be coming back when we are ready for another one in coming years! Sincerely, Eva E.

Dear Eva, We are so happy that Casper is in such a loving home with you. He is adorable and looks perfectly content. Such a sweet picture showing true love. We can't thank you enough for sharing that he is an angel and a great part of your lives. Thank you for your kind words.


Hello Kelley, How are you? Our little fur-babies are just over two years old now, Ponder the black and white male and Wonder the brown patched tabby and white female. They’re our favorite part of our world and the best morning alarm clock we’ve ever had! Haha (: Since we work at home they follow us around the condo all day it’s just amazing how close we are. They’re the favorites at the grooming shop we go to because they’re apparently so nice and easy to work with. Ponder is outgoing and adventurous and isn’t afraid to try to eat my lunch as his favorite thing is food. Thankfully regular vet visits help us keep an eye on his weight! He’d eat a whole garden of vegetables if I had one! Wonder is the little princess, she’s quiet, reserved, very polite and especially loves to snuggle before bed at night. Thank you for these loving cats! Lesley

Dear Lesley, It's absolutely wonderful that Ponder and Wonder are such a happy part of your lives. We can't tell you how happy that makes us to know they are in a lovely family and enjoying themselves. It truly warms our hearts to be updated on how they are doing. Thank you so much for sharing with us.


Hello Kelley, I thought you might be happy to know that I had a call yesterday evening from my vet. She wanted your cattery info, as she had several people ask her about where to get a Persian kitten and she wanted to send them to you, since Percy made a great impression. I gave her your website address, and she said she would pass it on to the clients who'd asked her about Persians. I figured you would appreciate knowing Percy is a good ambassador for Windy Valley Persians. So if you get a few people calling or emailing from Yorba Linda, that's probably why :) Percy is well. He, like Gypsy, believes the ceiling fan was installed for the comfort of the cat. He got comfortable enough with his "safe space" that he has been allowed to explore most of the downstairs area and quickly found all the spots where he can lie so the fan helps cool him off. He even protested yesterday when he was brought downstairs and the fan was off. I thought you might appreciate the good word from my vet. Carol


Hello Kelley, Wanted to thank you again for Percy and for all the hard work making sure he's so well socialized and used to being groomed. He's been a joy at home, and quickly let us know that a room with no person in it was NOT an acceptable temporary home, so his new safe room is the spare bedroom my daughter uses over the summer. They both seem to enjoy this arrangement quite a bit, and my daughter is used to young animals, having had her puppy in with her a few years ago at her Dad's house. Percy is still closed off from Gypsy, although thanks to him thinking freedom was just behind the door, they did get one face to face meeting already this afternoon. Gypsy seems open to negotiations, as her response was simply to stomp off to her cat tree and glower at him. I'm betting she will come around pretty quickly (and I sure hope she does, her dropping a cat toy in my mouth last night was exactly why I got her some same-species companionship.) Percy quickly discovered both microfiber blankets and plush animals, as he's made himself at home on my daughter's bed. He certainly seems to enjoy the kibble a bit more than the meat, although he's eaten a bit of that. I know you have quite a few pictures, but thought you might like one of his first day here. Thank you again, Carol

Dear Carol, Thank you so much for sharing your news about Percy. He sounds like he's adjusting very well. Mr. Ambassador Percy is a very handsome boy and he is blessed to be in your family. We also appreciate you letting us know that your vet is interested in Windy Valley. It is a great compliment.


Dearest Kelley, Abner has now turned 1 year old and I wanted to tell you how amazing life has been this past year. Full of so much change and redirection. He truly is the sweetest and most affectionate cat I've ever had. He loves following me everywhere I go and plopping down on my yoga mat. He travels with me whether it's to work, visiting friends, flying across country, or just going for a drive. He's "preciously portable" as my friends have quoted. There is no one who hasn't fallen in love with him. Most of all... ME! You are such an amazing woman and I know it translates into your beautiful cattery and the kittens you raise. I'm truly blessed to have crossed your path last year. I have recommended you to all those who have fallen in love with Big Ab! I'm glad we were able to visit with you a year later. We will always stay in touch as it so much fun sharing pics and his growing fur with you. Thank you again for all the blessings you have given me during a difficult time with the loss of my dear Pompi. You will never know how much you helped me. 5 stars to Windy Valley Persians. I would never look anywhere else. Not only did I get a new kitten I got a friend in you. Love & Blessings always. Lara & Abner

Dear Lara, We are so happy that Abner is in such a loving home with you. He is quite handsome and you two look great together. "Preciously portable" is a perfect word for him. We can't thank you enough for sharing how he has become such a great part of your life. Happy Birthday Big Ab! Thank you for your kind words.


Good morning Kelley,

I wanted to share these pictures of Oatmeal. She loves to watch me work on the computer. Next picture she is relaxing on her pillow. She loves to look out the window and watch the birds. She waits by my grandaughter's door every morning for her to let her in. She will stay there for a couple of hours every morning. She is relaxing being cool with her biker hat. She wakes me up every morning at 4 to 5 am for me to hug, pet, brush and feed her. She follows me around the house and will sit next to me. If I am downstairs and going to go back upstairs; she will run ahead of me, stop, turn around, and make sure I'm following her. She is such a good kitty.

Your friend,
Debbie K.

Dear Debbie, We are thrilled that Oatmeal has become such an affectionate, sweet and of course "cool" kitty. It truly make us so happy to know that Oatmeal is doing so wonderful and obviously loves you and your family so very much. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and adorable pictures with us.


Evening Kelley, Stirling's fur has gotten so thick and silky these last few months. Also his tail has increased in volume and looks so sexy. Harlow is an absolute beauty and gets prettier every day. They had such great mothers too! They cover their "potty", dainty little eaters, bath themselves all the time and are purr monsters! They follow me around the house and sleep with us every night. They have filled our house with beauty, love and companionship. Thanks again for being such a responsible breeder and an overall caring person. Hugs, Estelle, Al, Harlow and Stirling

Dear Estelle,

Thank you so much for sharing how well Stirling and Harlow are doing. They sound so content and happy. We are blessed that we can share in the happiness they have provided to you and your family. Stirling is quite the handsome one and Harlow is absolutely gorgeous. We are grateful that they are in such a loving and caring home where they can enjoy their lives.


Hi Kelley, Wanted to let you know that our kitten Sofia is doing great and we love her to death! She has adapted well to our family and is quite the little companion. She follows me around the house and likes to sit on my lap and purr when I watch TV. It must be hard to let your kittens go as they are such a delight. If it was me I'd keep them all! Today is our 40th wedding anniversary and I'm glad we have Sofia to share it with. Hope you enjoy the pictures. They are way beyond cute!
Sincerely, Karen S.
Monterey, CA

Dear Karen, The pictures of Sofia are adorable! It warms our hearts to hear how happy she is and that she has become a great addition to your family. Congratulations on your 40th anniversary. We wish you many more years of happiness. We'd like to keep them all too, but then we wouldn't be sharing just how much joy they can bring to you. Thank you so much for letting us know how precious she is to you.

Hi Kelley- I hope this finds you well...Our precious kitty, Diesel turns one yr. old today and I thought you might enjoy seeing how he's all grown up (sort of). He's still a bit of a mischief maker but he sure has been an answered prayer and blessing! We've enjoyed watching him develop over the past months and look forward to spending many years with him. We brought him home to Dana Point last August when he was between 4-5 mo. old. Often I visit your website to look at the pictures of his mommy, Blue Moon and daddy, Red Hot Chili Pepper. He really seems to be a combo of both his parents as far as looks go. I wonder about his parents "nature/personalities" as well. Take care & thanks for the sweet member of our family!
Teri S.

Dear Teri,

Thanks so much for the update on Diesel. He is growing up to be a very handsome boy. We can't tell you how happy it makes us to know that Diesel is with a family that cares for him so much. They are truly blessings and make such a difference in our lives. Thank you again!



Oh Kelley! How we love baby Lila Pearl. She has adjusted like you would not believe. She plays with her toys and carries them around in her mouth so proud. She eats like a champ. Sleeps on my head. She purrs as soon as you touch her or pick her up. Every one loves her and she seems to love every one. She is not afraid of the vaccumn and noises (well a couple of times she's jumped). We have so much fun watching her play and run around. She follows me around and watches my every move. I don't know how we lived without her. I have taken some really cute pics of her and when my boys come over I will ask them to help me send them to you (I am computer illiterate). Her first visit to the Vet is next Tuesday, wanted you to know. Thank you for raising our wonderful new friend. Will stay in touch. You stay happy and healthy, Love, Barbara P.
San Diego, CA

Dear Barbara,

We are so happy baby Lila Pearl has such a loving home. Thank you for sharing with us how she is doing. We really appreciate knowing our little blessings are happy in their forever homes. We can't wait to see the pictures.

Hi Kelley - My kitties will be a year old on Thursday and just thought you would like to see them. They are so cute and such a joy! Both are doing very well and are happy and so good. Attached is a photo taken when they were 3 1/2 months old and a photo taken just last weekend. - Myrna S.
Hemet, CA


Dear Myrna, We thank you so much for updating us on Sadie and Sophie. They look adorable and and so very content. What a great picture! It warms our hearts to hear they are happy and a joy to you. We are grateful they have found such a wonderful home with you.

Hi Kelley! Just wanted to send you pictures of the boys! They are amazing! Just had them neutered last week and my brother, the vet, did some baseline bloodwork for any future needs and said they are purrfect! Thank you for my new family. I keep an eye on your website and see you will be having more babies. I'm very interested in adding to our family, even better if it is from their bloodline. I will be in touch when the new babies arrive. Happy New Year and God bless. -Marlene Hartounian

Dear Marlene, Thank you so much for letting us know how great they are doing. The pictures are adorable! The picture of William and Harry in the sink is beyond cute. They are obviously Princes' of the house. We are incredibly happy that they are doing so well and are blessed that they have found a loving home with you and your family.

Dear Kelley, Just wanted you to know the happiness that emanates from the Bodacious "Bodie". He is almost 7 months old now but the antics continue to evolve daily. He truly is the most amazing kitten we have ever owned. From the day we brought him home he was and still is fearless, curious, the smartest and most loving little feline. I forgot, he is handsome too. And knows it. His older step brothers, ages 3 and 10, are smitten with him also and give him guidance. Also they play more than they have in years and try to keep up with the rocket that runs through this house. Thank-you for the Love and Blessings that come "built-in" those little fur babies! Bodie's love is evidenced from the heart shape of his little nose. His only quiet time is watching the birds perched high up on his cat condo. And I recall when he was just starting to play, you told me he was the instigator with his sisters and he would hide and pounce at your feet as you entered a room. He still does that too. We think every home should have a "Bodie"! The world would be laughing a lot more. Thank you, Kelley. Sincerely, Don and Jeanne Bondzio

Dear Don and Jeanne, We thank you for letting us know how Bodie has brought more laughter and fun to your home. He is very handsome and looks so adorable all stretched out. Thanks for loving him sooo much. It truly makes us so happy to hear that he is a blessing to your family.

8/18/12 Hi Kelley, I came with my mom Linda D. when she bought Maui and Kona from you. They have brought so much joy to my mom and dad and my kids love visiting grandma and grandpa. My mom and dad just lost their cat, Ashley after 17 years. Having these sweet little kitty's in their house has definitely helped in their grieving. Maui is absolutely a beautiful princess and Kona is a spunky, playful little guy. They both love to give kisses on all of our faces! I prayed that my mom and dad would find a wonderful breeder and I am so glad I stumbled upon your website. I firmly believe that these two cutie pies were meant to be with my mom and dad. Thank you again for being such a top-notch breeder who truly cares! Blessings in Christ, Lisa G.

Dear Lisa, you have warmed our hearts with the story of Maui and Kona really making a difference in your parent's lives. We understand how difficult it is to lose one you love. Thank you for sharing. It makes us so happy that they have found such a special family.

Hi Kelley, Mojito is so cute and happy. He made himself right at home and gets along really well with my other kitty. He is just a lover. He loves to just sit on my shoulder as I walk around the house. Thanks for a wonderful kitten.
~ Susan

Thank you Susan for letting us know how wonderful Mojito is doing. He is a such a cutie and you captured how relaxed and content he is with you. We can tell that he loves and trusts you and obviously is a natural in front of the camera. We're glad to hear how well he gets along with your other kitty. We feel so blessed to hear how much love he brings to you.


Hi Kelley, Walter is doing great. We are just absolutely in love with him. He loves to play 24-7 and is quite the mischievous little boy. When we got him, he weighed in at 3.2 lbs and at our most recent vet visit, he came in at a whole 4 lbs so he is definitely a healthy and growing little kitten. Thank you so much for taking good care of him for us. I will keep you posted with more pictures as time goes by so you can update your website also. I hope all is well! Here's a recent pic of him, playing with his tail.

~ Jacqueline N.

Thank you Jacqueline for sharing how absolutely adorable and playful Walter is. We are so happy that he brings such love and a little mischief to your family. He looks like he couldn't be happier, what a sweetie! We would really like for you to send us more pictures of this handsome little guy in the future.


Hi Kelley, Baby Bear and I would like to let you know how happy we are together! He makes me smile every time I see him and he rolls over on his back to get his tummy rubbed when he sees us. He is a bright little Angel in our home that makes life Happy to have him around. We call him Bushy Butt as a nickname because when he runs to play his little butt goes sideways and his bushy tail curls. Thank you for taking such good care of him and loving him before we got him, he is very special. I sent photos of us and one of him upside down so you can see his cute tummy!!

Love, Cyndi

Thank you Cyndi for letting us know how happy Baby Bear makes you. He is absolutely gorgeous and how sweet it is that he has a nickname! We love to get updates on how wonderful our kittens are doing and how they can brighten up your day. We are truly blessed to be able to find such loving homes for our special friends.


Hello Kelley, Just wanted to share some pictures of my beautiful baby "Pooty". I had lost my two cats one was 21 years old, "Baby" to old age, which was a Himalyan and the other was 9 years old "Cece"which was a persian, to cancer, both last year. My daughter, "Angela" and son, "Sam", saw how sad I had become and they spoke to their Dad and he said they could start looking for a new baby kitty for me. Right before X-mas of 2009, my kids both called me to the living room and said to sit down and close my eyes and open my arms and to my surprise, guess what???? They brought me home a new adopted kitty, which we have named "Pooty". She has made everyday of my life so wonderful. She is cuddly and the most lovable kitty I know. Everyone can come home and call her and she won't come out. I come home and she comes running out and wants me to pick her up and she hugs me and just purrs away. She is lovable with my two dogs, also and they put up her. Attached is some pictures of her, one is where she is hanging out with "Cassius", our 6 year old boxer, but she is buddies with "Delilah", my 3 year old pitbull "Delilah" and should I say, she is the Boss of her. Her and "Delilah" run around the house like a bunch of kids. "Delilah" pushes her around and she falls down and wraps her arms around "Delilah's" nose, "Pooty" bites her and they take off running again. "Delilah" loves her so much and is so gentle with her. I wake up in the morning and all three of them are sound asleep in their beds together. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her.

Vivian F. Wildomar ~ California

Thank you Vivian for giving us an update on how your family is doing. It makes us so very happy to hear that Pooty is doing great and she is absolutely gorgeous. It warms our heart to know just how much joy she brings to you.


Hi Kelley, Just wanted to give you a quick update on Pierre. He is doing Amazing! He has learned now that nightime is for sleeping, and he's learned exactly when we wake up, so he waits by the door for my husband to let him in so he can get some attention before I have to get up! (we would let him sleep in the bedroom, but due to his relentless insistence on sleeping directly atop my husbands head, we set him up a little bed in the living room) Unfortunately, he hasn't learned about weekends.. and gets impatient and starts meowing when we don't let him in at 5 am, ha! He is the sweetest little guy and everything I was looking for in a cat and more! I loved looking at the updated pictures of the other kittens. I'm sure a 2nd persian will be somewhere in our future someday and don't want to ever get one from anywhere but Windy Valley Persians!

Thank you so much for everything, Tracy

Thank you Tracy for sharing how wonderful Pierre is doing. His name definitely fits how incredibly handsome and undoubtedly charming he is. It seems that he can not get enough of you or your husband which shows us that we chose the right family for him.


Hi Kelley, Here are some pictures I just took of Tiger Bar today--He is really growing up fast and I love him so much it's hard to describe in words. He is getting more big and beautiful by the day---his paws are already the size of my (last) 9 year old Persian! I had a really hard day yesterday, probably the hardest since the school season began, and Tiger Bar was so sweet, he really was extra affectionate and seemed very concerned with how I was feeling. This experience really strengthened our bond even more, I truly believe he can sense and understand what I am feeling when I am that sad. It was very touching. On a lighter note, he is eating, drinking and using his litterbox beautifully (although he is even a little obsessive about covering in the litterbox after he is done--I have to go and tell him sometimes that it is good enough! :) I have a whole drawer full of different toys I've collected over the past two monthes for him, and he loves me to take out different ones for him. He is still a little chewy, so I bought him some chicken flavored chew sticks for cats that I found at the pet store---sometimes he'll hold one in his paws like a lollypop! I hope that you and your family are doing well, and that you have a wonderful weekend!

Best, Johanna

We are so happy to hear that Tiger Bar is so sweet and affectionate. It sounds like you two are a perfect match. He sure is a handsome one and we are so glad he has found a wonderful home with you.


Good morning! It's been just over one year since we picked up Pandora on August 24, 2009! She is the sweetest baby, and is stretched out in front of my keyboard right now! Here's a picture of her in the sink I took on Tuesday. Way way way too cute! And you made it all possible. Thanks again for letting us adopt the blessed Miss P!

Eve, Sam, and the delightful Pandora Dora Dorable

Thank you very much Eve and Sam for your great update. We are so happy that Miss Pandora Dora Dorable has become part of a family that truly adores her. It is wonderful that she is so sweet and oh my goodness is she beautiful.


Hi, Kelley. This is Pam Phillips. I thought I would let you know how my cats are doing. Do you remember Callie, Sebastian, and Sydney? They are doing just great! They all play together and they are very sweet cats! We love them so much! I was looking at your baby kitties page and I just love the brown tabbie kitties! Too bad I can't have any more right now! Well thanks again for raising such beautiful and loving kittens!

Thanks again Pam. I'll keep in touch every so often.

We are so very happy that Callie, Sebastian and Sydney are so sweet and playful. We could never forget them. We are blessed to have the special opportunity to know all of our kittens before they join their new families.


Dear Kelley, I would be more than happy to share my experience with anyone who is interested in adopting a kitten outside of CA. Some may find it a comfort if they are a bit apprehensive of making a commitment without physically visiting the environment in which they are raised. I can assure them that you are a reputable breeder. I just wanted to give you a quick update. First, let me just say thank you for taking such great care of our Axle. He has brought such joy to our home. He is very warm and affectionate and enjoys cuddling every chance he gets. He has a lot of room to roam about the house and enjoys playing with his basketball and football. We could not be any happier with him, and we’ll provide him with all our love in return. Thank you for this blessing you bestowed on us.
Cheryl and Mike ~ Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We are so grateful to be able to share in the joy that our kittens bring to their new families. We are so pleased that Axle has become part of a family that will love him so much. It makes us so happy to know how great he is doing and how much fun he is having.

Hi Kelley, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and advice. As you know, we got our red tabby persian, Seamus from you and immediately loved him so much, we had to get his brother, Siegfried. The two of them are well-mannered and are so sweet to my husband and I as well as our three young children. You have given them such a great start in life and in my experience a breeder like you is not easy to find. I am so happy and appreciative of these two purrbaby boys! Seamus loves to roll over on his back when you pet him and show you his belly! Siegfried is a little more shy but sweet as he can be and becoming a big love bug. We are so happy. Thanks so much. Blessings to you and your wonderful family. Sincerely,
Frances and Matthew Jason ~ Arkansas

Thank you very much Frances and Matthew for your wonderful update. We are so happy that Seamus and Siegfried have become part of a family that truly adores them. We enjoy hearing how much love our kittens are bringing to your family.


Hi Kelley, Have been meaning to write you since I got my baby Annie from you. She is adorable -- such a love! My husband is crazy about her, also. She's the sweetest, most loving kitten I've ever had. And so beautiful!! We love her so much, and she is so much company for us. My Hubby fusses about her, worries constantly that she's lonely and doesn't like leaving her alone, as she might "Miss us"! He calls her "The baby"! Our old cat, 15 years old, had to be euthanized a few months ago, and Annie has been wonderful to cheer us both up. The old one was never very affectionate, so Annie is a real treat to have around. She follows me around the house like a dog would. Thanks again, Kelley, for our Baby! She's a treasure! Annie is the most wonderful gift anyone ever gave me!!

Carol Oakley

We are absolutely thrilled to hear that you and your husband consider Annie such a treasure! We appreciate you keeping us updated on how great it is to have her as part of your family.

Hi Kelley, I just wanted to let you know Sebastian, our new white persian, is doing awesome in his new home! The whole family is already "in love with him" !!! My dog and other cat are adjusting to him very well and I know soon they will be the best of friends. I can't thank you enough for this beautiful cat. If I'm lucky enough to get another persian someday Windy Valley Persians will be my first choice! Thanks again, Tricia Tracy

We are so very happy that Sebastian has found such a wonderful home and that everyone has adjusted so well. Thank you for your kind words!


Hi Kelley, Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the two cream and white male kittens that my mother and I recently adopted. They are sooo much fun! I had forgotten how ACTIVE kittens could be! My mom and I say we're getting alot more exercise! lol. They are beautiful, healthy babies and LOVE the food you suggested. My "Charley" sleeps with my husband and I. Mom's "Oliver" sleeps with her. They are just the sweetest purrballs I've ever seen!! And Mom has a "new little friend" after losing her elderly cat last September. I had so hoped a new kitten would fill a void and it appears to have done just that, she is in love!! Thanks so much Kelley, you are a real sweetheart! Melody Jones

Thank you to Melody, we are so exicted you and your family are happy with the kittens you adopted from Windy Valley Persians. We know it is difficult to lose a pet and we are so very happy that Oliver has helped to fill that void for your Mom. We really appreciate to hear that Charley and Oliver are doing so well with their new family!


Hi Kelley, My husband and I adopted a beautiful persian kitten that we named Hank.. We are buying a house in April, once we move in (looks like it will be finished in September) we will be adopting another kitten from you. Hank is doing excellent and makes not only us but anyone that comes over laugh so much. He has an amazing personality and we are extremely blessed to have a cat that makes Dustin and I so happy. Thank you so much for providing us with a cat we cant get enough of!!!!!!!

Angela Campbell

Thank you to Angela, we are so happy that Hank is with a family that loves and enjoys him as much as you do. We look forward to you adopting another kitten from Windy Valley Persians.


Hi Kelley, Just wanted to drop you a short note. Chenin is still sitting back watching, hissing if she thinks the action is getting too close for her comfort. Chance is still trying to make sure Stormy knows he was here first. Stormy is comfortable, eating, and purring up a storm. I just wanted to again thank you. Each of them have their own qualities and are great cats. Chenin is a pleasure and her mothering side still kicks in when she hears them whining or playing too rough. Chance is still doing the sucking thing at bedtime and seems to be 2x the size of Stormy. He is still mad but is getting over it. Stormy is the lap cat and I now understand what you meant about her purring. You only have to look at her and the motor is going. She is my love bug of the bunch. For whatever the reason was that I found you and the cattery I am truly grateful and want you to know I am so happy that I was able to have not only 1 but 3 of your cats. They are a pleasure to have. I will keep you posted and have a great 4th of July.

Talk to you soon,
Krista, Chenin, Chance, and Stormy

Windy Valley Persians would like to say thank you to Krista and her ever increasing family. Thanks for the update Krista and we would love to see new pictures of everyone.


Hi Kelley,

Hercules is doing great. He is sooooooooo lovable. It is amazing, he loves being right next to you. He sleeps on the side of Wilsons neck. And when I am trying to wake up Wilson, Herc licks his face as if to wake him up. Wilson wakes up laughing. He is such a love muffin.
Thank you. Nancy

Thank you Nancy for the wonderful update on Hercules. He sure is a handsome young fella! We are so happy that he has become part of such a wonderful family.


Hi Kelley,

I am so very happy and honored to contribute to your long overdue Testimonial Page. I have had pets of all sorts in my 50 years, and was given my very first Persian for my "Sweet 16" birthday. He was a gorgeous red cameo I named George. Since then, I've had 5 others including a Himalayan, along with other cats as well, and am completely capitivated by the breed.

Approximately 2 1/2 years ago, our only child, Steve, Jr. passed away suddenly here at home. My husband and I have continuosly been devastated by the fact that we will never watch our son graduate college (as he was so close to doing at the time), marry, and give us the joy of knowing grandchildren.

At that time, we had just one persian in our family, a tortie named Buffy, who herself was almost 13 years old. We discussed getting another kitten, and I began watching the newspaper ads. Then I began searching the websites. Windy Valley Persians was the very first site I came to and when scrolling the gallery of kittens, I spotted the most adorable little dilute calico. I've always been partial to torties and calicos of all shades, but this one was really something special. I could see it in her eyes, and in her sweet expression.

I immediately emailed Kelley Phillips, and found I had made a true friend. We talked and emailed back and forth, and I eagerly awaited the day when I could go to the airport and pick up my new baby, "Mein Schatze" (which means, "my treasure" in German). Schatze has been with us for over 2 years now, and has brought back laughter and spark into our lives that we dreamed would never be possible. She is so highly intelligent, such a clown, and has such a sweet nature, I am constantly in awe of her.

Sadly, a few months ago, our older "Buffy" had to be put to rest. She was so much a center of our lives, and such a wonderful companion to Schatze, we all felt the deep loss.

So I checked on Kelley's website, and was once again, captivated by a tiny little brown patched Tabby female. This little girl had a tough start in life, but through Kelley's love, expertise, and extra tender loving care, "Tinkerbell" was ready to come join our family late October. We absolutely adore her, she is thriving, and is best of friends with Schatze. They are the center of my world.

Now, once again we await the arrival of our newest Windy Valley baby, another dilute calico, this one a doll face, which we have all ready named "Kushei" which is German for "Cuddles". I truly believe she is the perfect "balance" for us.

My husband and I have nothing but the highest praise for Windy Valley Persians and Kelley -- these kittens are the healthiest, strongest, most intelligent and loving cats that I've ever shared my home with.

Kelley is always available for any questions, or concerns, and puts my mind at ease when I worry over the little things. At our ages it's doubtful that we will bring any more cats into our home, but if that day every does come, we would never settle for less than a Windy Valley Baby. Kelley should rename it "Kelley's House of Little Blessings"!

If anyone at all would like to contact me regarding my experiences with these remarkable Persians, please don't hesitate to contact me at janhehir@optonline.net Keep bringing on the miracles!

Jan and Steve Hehir ~ Long Island, New York

Windy Valley Persians would like to say thank you to Jan and Steve Hehir for their touching letter. We are so incredibly honored to know that we have helped bring happiness to them.


Hi Kelley, Just wanted to write and tell you how happy we are with "Izzy B". She is such a sweetie, and entertains us daily with her spirited personality and loving purrs. The boys are crazy about her and just sit around and wait to see what she will do next. They have quickly adapted to having a princess around. She still sleeps with me every night, and follows me around (as a puppy would!!) all day long. Everyone laughs at how close to my side she stays. When she is not performing her very talented gymnastics (apparently she spent some time watching your daughters) she is happily snuggled up against me purring. We love her dearly, and have so much fun watching her antics. She has a wonderful personality, and doesn't meet anyone she doesn't like. I know she is really special to you and her mom as she is an "only kitten". Just wanted to let you know that she is continuing to bring happiness to our family and is our special little princess. Hope you and your family are enjoying your new home, and your new babies. We look at your website all the time. We love to see pictures of the new babies. We will send pictures of Miss Izzy very soon...

Blessings, The Thomason Family ~ Florida

P.S. I take her in the car with me all the time, and to my husband's office to visit his staff. They LOVE HER, and she loves them, and are always asking that I bring her to visit. They even bought her a play hut, toys, a pink food bowl that says, "princess" on it, and a special litter box, so that she can visit when I go in to help with the accounting from time to time. She is the boss when she goes to the office!! I find something new everyday to love about her. I still am amazed at how beautiful her markings are, and her sugar-tipped paws are adorable!!!

All of us at Windy Valley Persians would like to say thank you to the Thomason family for the beautiful letter and wish their family nothing but happiness.

August 2, 2006

Hi Kelley - Hope all is well with you. My two cats, Mr. Big and Scooter, just had their 2nd birthday and I thought you might get a kick out of seeing them now that they're grown up. What great cats they are!! Personalities plus and very smart - especially Scooter. They get along beautifully, too. Each night they chase each other around and play hide and seek. They're very well mannered and they're beautiful... Dale

Thank you Dale for taking the time to share with us what Mr. Big and Scooter look like, they sure are beautiful. We are so very happy to know how wonderful they are doing.

July 29, 2006

Dear Kelley,

Last month MoMo celebrated his 1st birthday! It's hard to believe we have had him for almost a year. Mo Mo is such a sweetheart and so beautiful. I call him beautiful so much that he answers to both names. Well I thought that you might like a photo of him today. We are still doing the things that you suggested for him. We just love that "World's Best Cat Litter", it actually works out to be cheaper than clay litter in the long run. Hope all is well with you and your family.

Take Care,

Thank you Janet for taking the time to let us know how well Mo Mo (Beautiful) is doing. We are always so happy to hear from our new parents. We wish you the best!


Hi, Kelley. How are you? I thought I would let you know how Callie is doing. She is such a wonderful cat ! She has grown up a lot. She is the sweetest cat I have ever known. She loves to play and snuggle with me. She is doing fantastic! Thanks again for giving me the opportunity of owning her! I love looking at your new kittens. They are so cute! I will keep you updated on Callie every so often. Thanks again Pam

Thank you Pam for giving us the update on how happy Callie is with you. We wish you much happiness!

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